Before You Follow

Please don't interact with me if you meet any of the "Do Not Follow" conditions! These are just thinks I look for/ don't look for in aquatiences and this lets you know if we'll be a good match of if I'll be comfortable interacting with you.

Don't Interact If

You meet the normal BYF categories (Ya know, not racist, sexist, anti semetic/xenophobic, not transphobic, not a huge asshole.)
You're a Nazi or going to pull any apologist shit around Nazism. And yes alt right = Nazis.
You harass minors, condone minors in BDSM, or ship Pedophelic ships. I don't believe in SFW littles either.
You consider yourself MOGAI or are a Terf/Transphobic
Are a Terf or "Gender Critical"
You also are kin or ID as Beatrice or Captain Phasma (Just for my sake for depersonalization), or follow doubles of them.
You won't see me as the one and only IRL Meta Beatrice
Umineko Fans: You use "Intellectual Rapist" casually or support "Rosa is Best Mom" memes.
I'm self diagnosis critical for personality disorders. I'm not gonna be a dick about it to you but I might make vague comments about it occasionally and if you're gonna push the point we might butt heads.