My Fursona!

This is my fursona! Her name is Calia!

Calia is a Neopets species called a Kyrii and is based on my own UC Darigan Kyrii (UC = Unconverted, the old website art style!). They're kind of hard to get a hold of now, after the conversion of the old art style into the style that can be customized. When I was a kid I wanted one for years and used to do complicated application processes to prove that I deserved to adopt one! Calia was the second one I applied for and she came home in 2012~! She's always been my most important and personal character!

Character Information

NAME: Caliander Ceane
GENDER: Nonbinary (she/her or they/them pronouns)
ORIENTATION: Bisexual with a preference for women and femme nonbinary individuals.
AGE: 20
MAGICAL ABILITIES: Rain magic, Greenwitch (magic related to helping plants grow), animal taming magic, can summon her familiar Wilk the candle geist.
FUR COLORS: Dark Blue/Light Blue
HEIGHT: Quad: 3'8" Anthro: 5'6
WEIGHT: 180 lbs anthro, very muscular
VOICE TONE: Judgmental mid tone with pointed pronunciation. When excited she squeaks a bit.
SPECIES: Kyrii / "Kyrie"
APPEARANCE: A strange chimera-like creature with traits of many different species. She has long claws and long blue fur, and strange appendages on her back. Her species is said to be in the Weasle family.
CLOSEST FRIENDS: Dominante, Jupiter, Shows, Sprig
FIGHTING STYLE: Uses her long claws at short range or magical abilities. Prefers not to fight.
VOICE CLAIM: Marina and the Diamonds in "Blue"
NEURODIVERGENCES: Narcicistic Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, and OCD

LIKES: Research, snow, winter, obtaining knowledge, drawing, intelligent people, traveling, playing the lute, animals, raw fish dishes, warm stews, hot chocolate, positive attention, taxidermy, butterflies

DISLIKES: People who hinder her work, People who are unintelligence, most people in general, Dark Faeries, Wraiths, Darkness, wildfires, poachers, poultry, other narcicists.

Calia is a Neopets species called a Kyrii, which are a small (30cm!) rodent inspired species that are obsessed with grooming their fur. They are allergic to apples and foster well in chatty social groups. Often sarcastic and sly, they do not like to be tricked!.

The original Kyrii design is kind of a story! It's thought that the Fuzio, the original design of the Kyrii, might have had some legal trouble for being too similar to a familiar fast Blue Hedgehog.... They were redesigned in Feb of 2001 to be the Kyrii you might recognize now! Calia is specifically a Darigan Kyrii, and an Unconverted one too, which have a few differences from their converted cousins.

Old Kyriis and New Kyriis... The New Darigan Kyrii is cute but it's hard to beat the originals! (Plus where did their claws go?!)

When I first made Calia, I set her in an Neopets Au called Boreas- the fictional world I write about for my novel I've been "working on" for years : P. This world was designed for Calia, who was born as the "chosen one" trope of a world plagued by neglegent gods. The dieties of Boreas had esentially up and left the people of the world to govern themselves. Of course, they couldn't do that- so a Fae beurocracy stepped in to help govern the world instead. However, there was a problem that Calia was brought on to solve- if records were not kept of all the animals and plants of creation, they would start to dissappear one by one! (Sort of a power of belief kind of thing- if nobody rememebers what exists, does it exist at all?) Calia's job was to go aruond and to take samples and field notes of all of the species she could find to help keep a complete record- acting as a Biologist with a heavenly cause!


As long as Calia has been a character of mine I've felt like I can never draw her the same twice. This sometimes feels frusturating for me- I'll draw her three different ways all in one sitting! At the same time I like to embrace the diversity in ways she can be drawn and actually now it's one of my favorite things- everyone interpets her really differently! This is also the reason Calia is sometimes blue and sometimes grey colored- Her first art was more grey than blue and originally whichever color artists saw more was what they used! That's how Calia ended up with winter form (Fluffier and Grey colored) and summer form (Blue form!)

A quick walk down memory lane with a bunch of styles I have drawn Calia in!

Here are just some of the many images of Calia I have drawn or commissioned from other Artists! Gore warning for below!

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I have a fursuit of Calia made by Twichinwhiskers and Corgilope .

So far She's been worn to Anime USA 2016, Katsucon 2017, Furthemore 2017, and Anthrocon 2017. Sometime in the future I'd love to have a toony blue version of her made by SunnyValleyCreations fursuits!

These are what Calia's eyes look like out of the suit! Scary, right?