About Me

Name: Beato (Beatrice) or Grey (Greyson)
Age: 20 (11/08/1996)
Gender: Nonbinary
Pronouns: They/Them
Orientation: Bisexual
Location: MD, USA
Race: White

Hi, I'm Beato / Grey / Beatrice.

I'm a 20 year old Museum Studies major. I love aesthetics and art history, as well as animals. I live with my 2 sugar gliders {Bean & Spyder} and my 2 cats {Kylo Ren & Quill}. I'm the Furry Mutual.

I post a lot of Pokemon, Star Wars, Magical Girls, Humans Vz Zombies, and Umineko as well as a slew of other stuff. I also cosplay, make fursuits, and draw sometimes. I promise I'm really friendly and lax and would love to talk to anyone! I love sharing about myself, as well as making friends and showering them with love and attention. I work at an aquarium and I love sharks! I have a great QPP & I love my fiancee, Jordan!

Discord: #Beato3627
Peach: Beato
Instagram: Caliander / Rubensvenus
Vent: CaptainPhasma
Neopets: viirli
Twitter: darigankyrii
Furvilla: Bodyhorror
Furaffinity: bodyhorror & calia
Deviantart: Caliander
Thiscrush: Beato

Secret Info :3!

ENFP || Scorpio || MOXX || R-drive: Narcissism || Witch/Thief of Rage || Team Mystic || Idealist-Champion || Sanguine || Ghost/Metal type
River Clan || Evil Villian!! || Bard or Witch || Secretly a Compter Virus!
Earth Bender || Slytherin || Chaotic Neutral || Dark Side || Taken since 10/8/12, Engaged since 4/8/16 (m/d/y) (SO HANDS OFF! >;3! )

I love Art History and Museums! Someday I want to run an education and outreach department in a big cool museum somewhere! For now I enjoy getting to talk about lots of animals like Sharks and Snakes and Fish. I really love all animals, especially my pets! I love my Sugar Gliders but I don't want them to be a fad pet because a lot of people don't give them the right care > n < !! Someday I'd love to raise Poison Dart Frogs and have a cool dog with my wife! Until then I live with my two Kitties Quill and Kylo Ren (Like the Star Wars Villian! Except she's a girl) and they're the best company I could keep, even though Quill likes to poop on my stuff when she gets mad!

A big part of my life is spent managing my mental illnesses. I have professionally diagnosed BPD, NPD, OCD, and Adjustment Disorder with mixed emotions and conduct which for me manifests as axiety and the inability to adjust to changing circumstance. I don't like to use my neurodivergences to make excuses for my behaivor, but do have to deal with it on an everday basis. I'm a big fan of the DBT program for BPD behaivors and want to help others where I can, if open to advice.

I really love bad movies! There are lots of good movies out there but I always find myself coming back to the same few crappy movies Ie: Shrek 2, The Room, Spy Kids 3 Game Over (I have an embroidered hat with the Movie Logo that's one of my prized posessions), and Hoodwinked. Oh! And Don't forget Birdemic! I love horribly campy and over all just /bad/ movies a lot and spend a lot more time and mental energy than I should on those kind of films. I think it has to do with the nostalgia those films inspire, and also because they don't stress me out very much? And in general I really love super bad CGI effects.

In general I'm still living in 2007 mentally it seems- I love lazertag, bowling allies, and virtual pet sites like Webkinz and Neopets which I both play pretty actively. Although my two primary aesthetics clash pretty strongly (2000s pokemon game glitch vs. 80s Wine Mom) I'm usually found either reading Agatha Christie and brooding or playing old flash games and acting like an idiot.

My favorite series in the whole wide world are the Umineko No Naku Koro Ni series, the Pokemon franchise, The Star Wars franchise, and the Tokyo Mew Mew series. I also love magical girl series, the rest of the When They Cry franchise, W.I.T.C.H comics, and the Legend of Korra / Avatar the Last Airbender series. Growing up I loved the Harry Potter books and I've been trying to rekindle my love of it while ignoring any new content JK Rowling writes. Growing up of course I also loved the Warrior Cats books.

My favorite person in the whole wide world is my fiancee Jordan! We've been dating for 5 years and hope to get married after graduation. She's smart and funny and talented and is the perfect balance for my extroversion and lack of judgement. It's amazing having somebody in my life with so much love and understanding who's helped me through a lot with my mental illnesses and who is always there to crack bad jokes and enjoy Mcelroy content with me. I love her so so much.

My other big hyperfixations are Pokemon Game Glitches, Sparkledogs, Neopets, Museums, Cryptids, Taxidermy, Fursuits, Fossils, and Witchcraft. Please talk to me about them I get so excited!! Offline you can find me @ scholl :( or hanging out with my pets.