Ariel The Leloko!


Ariel is a snarky, salty, and nosy Leloko who's always spending time digging up other people's business!

NAME: Ariel Isles
GENDER: Demiboy (he/him or they/them pronouns), DFAB
ORIENTATION: Not really looking for anything serious, but they like women and Nonbinary people. They've been known to take sugar daddies/sugar mommies.
AGE: 20 (November 1st)
MAGICAL ABILITIES: Although their lips are sealed he can commuicate telepathically pretty clearly. They don't shut up and it can be a little disorienting to have them talk in your ear.
FUR COLORS: Dark Blue/Light Blue/White
HEIGHT: Anthro: 5'4" to the base of the ears
WEIGHT: 170 lbs
VOICE TONE: Always sounds tired, sometimes trips over or slurs his words
APPEARANCE: A blue and white leloko with dewdrop like purrple patterns on their behind. They have incredibly long ears and a striped tail ending in a Double Narcissus flower. They have purple and white ringed pawpads and blue claws, as well as blue stitched lips.
FIGHTING STYLE: Hasnt been made to fiight yet, unknown, has others do the work for them.
NEURODIVERGENCES: Narcicistic Personality Disorder, OCD traits, Anxiety Disorder, Disassociative and often has maladaptive daydreaming. Tends to lie, manipulative, Hypersexual.

Ariel is a Leloko, a closed species by Phloxebutt @ Deviantart! They run a world called Crederia where species like Ariel and some of my other ocs like Wytch and Doralye hang out! You can check out their species world group here:

Ariel was originally a design available as a DTA (Draw to Adopt) which meant lots of people drew to try to win the design as their own! It's kinda like how I obtanined Calia, except strictly for art. I originally did a drawing for that competition in 2015 but did not win, which makes sense b/c I was up against some amazing artists! Ariel went to another owner who made an amazing animation. Then earlier this year I saw that their owner was putting them up for trade under some special conditions. B/C he was so important to me I traded a fursuit tail and mailed it all the way to the UK to be part of the transaction for them! I'm really glad to have the with me and they're never ever going anywhere!

My original design for 2015 Ariel...

It's pretty easy to see when I finally did welcome Ariel to my character family I decided to lean way more towards their original character design by Phloxe! Lelokos are probably my favorite closed species so I didn't add so much useless fluff like I had in my original interpretation of them. Ariel is now focused on fashion, and loves to wear jackets, floral patters, and vaporwave inspired clothing. Despite being a pushover, they do love things like Kidcore and Animecore, although they have been known to want to chew on Slime...

Ariel spends most of their time hanging out on their college campus with their friend Egg or occasionally bulling Doralye. When they can, they like to go smoke inside dead malls and explore the remains of good old 90's capitalism culture. They like to shop and may or may not be guilty of spending money to help them cope. Like I said, they really like fashion...

Likes and Dislikes


  • Extreme heat
  • Preps
  • Having to do weekend homework
  • Spilling a good drink
  • Addressing their issues, getting called out
  • Straight couples
  • Other people finding their favorite hang out spots
  • Feeling like they're a carbon copy of every other transboy around
  • Bad BPD days
  • Likes

  • Napping sprawled out in trees or on roofs
  • The validating feeling of just buying new clothes
  • When things fit just right to ward off dysphoric feelings
  • Cheap alcohol with friends
  • Being able to smoke after a good talk,
    especially where they can see the stars
  • Feeling like the coolest person in any given room
  • Rainstorms
  • Sex, as long as they get off

  • Fursuit

    One of the first things I did after adopting Ariel was create a fursuit of them as a way to de stress during my finals week! Ariel is the first fursuit I've ever made, but I'm pretty proud of how they turned out. They're built on a resin base I purchased off Etsy and then furred over some foam padding to help give them some shape. The eyes are buckram and the teeth are sculpey- the lips are stitched with thin strips of blue vinyl fabric which actually does allow the jaw a little bit of articulation! So I'm able to open their mouth just a bit here and there to emote more clearly! The most impressive part of him IMO is his big tail! It's over 4 feet long and super complicated! I hand sewed every part of him but the tail was the hardest part for sure.

    I Love having Ariel as a suit because it means that my friends can fursuit with me when I'm out and about at conventions too! In this picture my friend Sam is the Ariel to my Calia at Furthemore 2017!

    In the future I wish to get Ariel made properly by Battitude Studios or by anothr maker that's skilled in canines! I think his complicated markings would be really fun to see with the right maker~