Monday the Otter!


NAME: Monday
NICKNAME: Monday, "Daylight" or "Sunshine"
GENDER: Female
AGE: 20 (Nov 12)
FUR COLORS: Brown / Tan brown
HEIGHT: Anthro: 5’5” to top of head
WEIGHT:160 lbs
VOICE TONE: Says ya'll, sounds tired most of the time
SPECIES: Giant River Otter
APPEARANCE: Butch leaning/dressing farmer River Otter with fluffy brown hair on the top of her head that she likes to style.
CLOSEST FRIENDS: Precious, Jupiter, Ariel, Cappi

Monday the otter is a spunky, honest hearted, and sporty Giant River otter. She grew up in a small Appalacian town and grew up working as a farm hand on her parent's farm. After highschool, when most of her friends were moving out of their small town to seek jobs or college education in the city, Monday stayed and took over a farm for a retiring community member. Skilled with growing plants of all kinds, her heart really belongs to all of the flowers that grow around her home. She likes to camp and hang out with her friends, although often feels a lonliness that sets in when she sees the world around her hasn't chanced much since she was a kid- but none of the people she grew up with are still around her.

Her closest friends are Cappi the Muntjack and Ariel the Leloko. Occasionally her childhood friend Precious the mink blows into town and they spend some time together whenever he does. She texts and skypes with her friend Jupiter the Fae-deer in her free time as well. Mostly, she keeps herself happy by keeping busy and going on strings of dates. It's rare that other Queer girls are out in her town, so she ends up driving long stretches of highway just hoping she'll hit it off with someone. She does appreciate the oppertunity to go out and enjoy other towns and get a drink in with friends.


Monday likes to dress in comfortable clothing and things she doesn't mind getting dirty on the day to day. She likes flannels and overalls too.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Droughts
  • Being Misinterpreted
  • Getting lost
  • Feeling like nobody loving her- being perpetually single
  • Homophobes
  • Seeing all her friends grow out of their small town home
  • Likes

  • Sunflowers!
  • Flowers of all kinds actually
  • Trees, Forests, Fields
  • Getting to read a good book somewhere quiet
  • Kissing girls! Being gay!
  • Hanging out with her friends

  • Fursuit

    Monday became a character of mine because of my fursuit of her. Originally, she had been an otter named Pugo, but when I purchased her recieved a new tail and set of paws for me. She is made by Tankarank . Monday is a light partial and I don't currently have any plans to make her a fullsuit- although I probably will grab an otter kigurumi to wear with her! My friends often get to come to cons or wear her around with me!