Vodka the European Badger!


Vodka, as her name suggests, is a perpetually drunk European Badger who is either out drinking with her friends, drinking alone, sleeping, or seeking out somebody new to sleep wtih.

NAME: Vodka
NICKNAME: Vodka / Wine Mom
GENDER: Nonbinary (They/Them or She/Her)
AGE: 20 (November 8th)
MAGICAL ABILITIES: It's magical she can drink as much as she does without getting really really sick
FUR COLORS: Grey/Cream/Dark Grey
HEIGHT: Anthro: 5'6 1/2" to the base of the ears
WEIGHT: 172 lbs
VOICE TONE: Jaded, sarcastic, picks up sharply and gets shriek-y when they;'re excited or not aware of how loud they're being.
SPECIES: European Badger
APPEARANCE: A curvy badger who always seems to have a bottle of /something/ in hand, and it's rarely ever water. They have sharp gold metallic claws and pawpads, a pink tongue and innards, and their temperature is always raised.
CLOSEST FRIENDS: Calia, Ariel, Monday, Jupiter
FIGHTING STYLE: Throwing bottles and screaming, will also bite and claw, /should not be given weapons of any kind/ but prefers knives
NEURODIVERGENCES: Narcicistic Personality Disorder, OCD traits, Dissassociative, Hypersexual, Adjustment Disorder which causes Anxiety.

Vodka is one of my newest characters, made in Mid July! Vodka represents the other side of me- where Calia is the innocent, snarky, fun, and childish side of me (she is a neopet after all!) Vodka is the me I don't show off as much- brooding, grumpy, judgemental, reliant on material goods or easy outs to feel better. ALthough I personally don't drink much I imagine that Vodka would be the worst outcome if I did. It takes a lot of energy for me to draw or commission Calia in any Not Safe For Neopets settings, so Vodka is my sona for most NSFW art or themes in my characters. Similarly, I have trouble shipping or drawing Calia romantically with any characters besides my Fiancee's, Vodka is down to clown with anyone!

I'd been feeling a little silly that I didn't have an actual animal fursona, so that's also where Vodka comes in! I love animals with long claws but don't particularly see myself as a bear. Badgers however are very similar to ferrets, who I love, but fit both my body type and personality a little better! Not to mention that European Badgers have been known in the past to get drunk off fermented berries...

Vodka spends very little of her spare time hanging out at the chateau she lives in. Her family brand of wine is named after their home and is quite famous. She has a large family, all of her 4 siblings being named after some kind of alcohol as well. Although she is the oldest and heir to the family's fortune and name, she always feels a sense of competition with her younger siblings, although they are really not looking to upset her throne. Her two younger sisters Sangria and Chardonnay have their own affairs- Sangria always finding herself in distress and Chardonnay having plans of marrying rich and murdering her husband. Her two brouthers, Bourbon and Tequila are too young to really care about anything besides being kids. Although Vodka loves them all very much, she finds it very stressful to be around her family so spends a lot of her time travelling to stay with friends or to go on party romps through major cities with her wealthy friends (who eventually ditch her to do something else...)

Vodka is known for being a notorious party kid- she'd probably cite Paris Hilton as a major life inspiration for herself. Her personal brand is focused on staying young and partying until she literally can not drink any more. She can enter sort of a hypnotic trance with the right combo of drunks drinks and attention. She's liable to hook up with a few people per glamarous party but definitely has her types- deer, rabbits, tall skinny babes and dudes with wayyy too much muscle to be legal! She likes it dirty and loves to be in charge. She'll definitely show off her dominant side and prefers to have anyone who will submit to her. She probably has a collar on hand, just let her check her bag!

Her closest friends are Calia the Kyrii, Ariel the Leloko, and Monday the Otter. Calia and Vodka are two halves of the same whole (well literally, they're both representations of me!) and meet up often to just hang out as friends playing video games or shopping in very early 2000s movie makover montage styles. Ariel meets up with Vodka to party at trashy clubs he is known to frequent- he knows a lot of places in vogue so when she wants to be ahead of a trend or appear with the in crowd, she meets up with him.

Welcome to the Vodka Zone


  • Drinks on the house!
  • Falling asleep in soft places like
    somebody's arms, a soft bed
  • Kissing Girls
  • New clothing especialy lingerie!!
  • She likes to paint in her spare time
  • Every once and a while... being able to blend in
  • Murder Mysteries
  • Gore
  • Dislikes

  • People who think she's an easy catch
  • People who are bad with consent
  • Bad trips
  • People who don't believe in Magic : (
  • Mean bouncers at parties
  • She doesn't really get hangovers but she gets
    so fucking hungry and she hates it
  • Getting ready to fuck somebody and finding
    out they have some BAD kinks

  • Wardrobe

    Even though I'm a yellow gold bitch Vodka loves her that Rose gold aesthetic. Vodka loves to dress in styles that reference Lovecore, and anytime she can wear designer garbs over crappy cafepress shirts with dumb sayings she will. Combining thrift store finds and gucci is very important to her. One of my big goals for her fursuit is to be able to wear actually nice accessories with my crappy (and yet still so expensive) fursuit.... She's either a naked animal or absolutely dressed up in other furs (yikes @ Vodka, fake I hope?) or underwear, BDSM gear, or anything to remind people she's the Domme of the house.